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Интересный спам от Ходорковского

Добрались нигерийские джигиты и до Ходорсковского. Получила я предложение распилить 780 миллиончиков баксиков, завалявшихся у Юкоса. Я для смеха ответила и через неделю получила ответ. Нет желания переводить, но смысл в том, чтобы я им выложила все мои личные данные, тогда они со мной начнут кооперироваться. Ну и правда, куда же миллионы переводить без личных данных. Хотя имя и фамилию они написали правильно, что уже страшно, обычно они такими мелочами не интересуются. Блин, упрут у меня все мои три сотни фунтяшек со счета! Интересно, существут ли такая Алина Ходорковская (сестра, что ли) в природе?  Однако восхищают они меня.  А может, фишеры эти уже не нигерийские, а самые натуральные посконные русаки? Молодцы ребята!  Я знаю, что такие письма рекомендуют не открывать и удалять немедленно, но любопытство мартышку (меня то бишь)  всегда губило.
Кто хочет миллиончиков, налетай все!
Dear  Nadja Tabler,
I am in receipt of your mail and thanks for your swift response to my mail. Firstly, I will like to apologize for contacting you in this manner over a transaction of this magnitude since we all know that the internet is not a safe means of communication, let me introduce my self once again Alina Khodorkovsky[Mrs], sister of Russian multi billionaire Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former owner of Russneft Oil Company in Russia , he is one of Russia's most successful businessmen, with a personal fortune estimated at $3bn. Rusneft, founded in 2002, was smaller than Yukos.
By 2006 it was producing 293,000 barrels of crude oil a day and making profits of $1bn a year.
Rusneft's assets and property have now been frozen, with prosecutors accusing that my brother of owing $800m in tax. Mr Putin's government "illegally" forcing him out of the company using trumped-up tax claims.This whole problems started when my brother had conflict with the Kremlin and the reluctance to sell his company, which made it a collision course with the Kremlin by buying some of the embattled oil company Yukos' assets shortly before it was declared bankrupt. however but since I am very desperate to have this funds transferred to a safe account and I had to do a thorough search and finally came across your contact. I know that with your total dedication and assurance in this transaction we shall achieve success.
This project is real, and one hundred percent risk free and does not relate to any breach of law or proceed from drugs. It is a matter of necessity to contact you for assistance without any further investigations about your person. It is very imperative that we exchange our identities for the purposes of familiarity, safety and trust as the case may be. It is therefore necessary that you tell us a little about yourself. I hope no form of betrayal will be experienced in the course of our collaboration. However, because I need a foreigner in this transaction, I must give you my trust; it is worth 30% of the total fund (U$780,000,000.00), I believe that this will keep you from refusing to give me my own share of the fund if the transaction is completed. I need you to understand that this transaction is no joke and such opportunity comes once in a lifetime. Seeing that our future upkeep could be traced, our bankers then advised us to remove the funds from the
account immediately and have it deposited in a safe depository company as diplomatic package for more safety, so following their advice, we had the funds removed and currently deposited with a safe depository company there in Europe.
All that is needed is to prepare Legal documentation stating that you are now the new representative/owner of the said funds. As soon as I have the Legal documents on your name, I shall notify the depository company of the new changes and they will in turn contact you immediately to arrange the release of the funds to you. Please note that assurance has being given by the depository company that they will assist whoever is my representative to procure the consignment of funds and arrange for lodgment in a reputable bank. Due to the magnitude of funds involve in this transaction, we can be sure to conclude this transaction in one week. However, the pertinent question I would like to ask is. Assuming I intend to invest my share of the money in your economy how exactly or what area of the economy would you advises us to invest? How much knowledge of the economy do you have that will yield maximum profit to our investments and allow the money to be spread
overtime in different areas of the economy? Actually, the issue of investing these funds will be left entirely to your discretion once it is demonstrated that you are capable of taking independent decisions, but of course, based on our approval.
I expect to receive your opinion on the issue of investing in your economy. Kindly send to me your full details as stated below to enable me forward same to the depository company in the Europe where the funds will be re-profiled to your name as the new beneficiary.
1. Your legitimate name
2. Contact address
3. Marital Status
4. Area of specialization
5. Company Full Details
6. Position held in office
7. Nationality
8. Age
9. Tel/fax numbers
10. Scan copy of your valid identity i.e. international passport or driver's license.
Once i receive this information's and also your acceptance to assist us finalizing this transaction, i will quickly mail you verbally in order for me to explain everything to you in details for your better understanding. After torror explaination with you, i will then have the courage to send your details to the depository company to proceed with the changes of beneficiary to your name. I need you to give this transaction a serious thought because we have been in serious pains and hardship this past few months and having to also bear the loss of one of my kids who died few months ago before we moved out of Russia is not an easy thing for me, so you can see that we really need changes by relocating to a better environment. I am writing you this mail in tears but i know that with your acceptance and seriousness to proceed, we shall smile once again. In order for you to see the reality and existence of funds, i will send you evidence of transfer made to
my account in Europe and my international passport in my next mail for your reference.

I await your urgent response.  
Yours truly,
Alina Khodorkovsky[Mrs]

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