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Завтра мы проснемся в свободной и независимой стране

б-ть.  Отсюда German newspaper claims Britain is led 'by gambling liars' | The New European

A German newspaper columnist has described his "anger" surrounding Brexit as he hit out at the "liars and amateurs" in Britain that took over the running of the country.

Nikolaus Blome, writing for Der Spiegel, said Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers were "an eternal shame for all conservatives" as he explained to his newspaper audience what Boris Johnson had caused.

"In all my years as a journalist, I have not seen such a shameful rogue as this one, and put into action by a party that calls itself 'conservative'," he writes.

He explained: "Brexit would never have happened if cranky conservative politicians had not deceived and lied to their people in a hitherto unknown manner. The big British media have made themselves accomplices with their 'reporting' and constantly trampled on fairness and facts, what a f***ing disgrace."

He continued: "I don't feel sadness, only anger: Britain has been captured by gambling liars, frivolous clowns and their claqueurs. They destroyed my Europe, to which the island belonged as well as France or Germany."

Criticising the former prime minister David Cameron, he told readers: "A drunken proletarian like Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP party, has tabled countless lies about the European Union, but he would never have come anywhere near political influence had the Tories not used him in their power struggles."
Завтра мы начнем прозревать, мне кажется. Хотя я всегда думала именно так, как тут написано. Но оставляла зазор для возможной своей ошибки.

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