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Английский юмор

Для изучающих или изучивших английский язык

A bishop and a brigadier were playing golf and the brigadier’s shot went wide of the hole.

‘Damn,’ he said, ‘the bloody thing has missed’.

At the next hole his shot going wild, the brigadier was annoyed.

‘Damn,’ he said, ‘the bloody thing has missed again’.

‘Brigadier, you shouldn’t swear’, the bishop warned him.

‘Bishop, I have spent my whole life in the army and this is the way I speak’, said the brigadier and swore every time his ball went wide.

The bishop warned him, ‘Brigadier, your constant swearing is not going to go unheard.’

‘Well, bishop, my friend, I am too old to change my ways.’

His next ball going wide the brigadier had let go once more, ‘Damn, the bloody thing has missed again’.

A moment later there was an almighty crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning struck the bishop dead.

An angry voice was heard coming from high above: ‘Damn, the bloody thing has missed again’. 

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