notabler (notabler) wrote,

Эрик “Вампир” Трамп поет “Товарищ Влад”

Веселая песенка получилась.  У него много еще таких, у автора.  Но поэзию я переводить не нанималась, увы…

Тут взято.  Для англо-читающих хороший такой забавный портал Но пока я не заметила, чтобы те писали что-то еще, кроме стеба над Трампом.  Хотелось бы, чтобы в России появился портал стеба над Путиным, не занимающийся ничем другим вообще.  Да, если кто не дотумкал – Влад, это он, ВВП, 24-летневластвующий  красавец, на тело которого молятся  все британские геи, давясь в очередях за его календарями.

Поется на музычку отсюда 

Sung to Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers

I was working with Team Vlad late one night
With Mike Flynn and Dad and Pence in sight
Then music — Manafort and the other guys
Started to dance, and to our surprise

They did the Vlad
They did the comrade Vlad
The comrade Vlad
It was a campaign fad
Dad did the Vlad
His dancing’s pretty sad
He did the Vlad
Dad did the comrade Vlad

I’m really not a vampire or a Twilight beast
Ignore the holes in Lara’s neck, she’s not deceased
My son is not the Devil’s work, though he is owed
Dad said, “let Vlad do it”, and he’d get the codes

So she did Vlad
Lara did comrade Vlad
Luke looks like Vlad
And trust me, I’m not glad
Then Vlad did Dad
The campaign’s launching pad
Pence joined the bad
They made a great triad

The Russians are having fun
Collusion ensnared everyone
The guests include Jeff Sessions
Carter Page and Rog Stone

The scene was really rockin’, Vlad brought prostitutes
Dad is popping tic tacs ‘cause the ladies are beauts
When the golden showers were about to be peed
Putin raised his vodka, and toasted Dad’s greed

They toasted Dad
Then toasted comrade Vlad
Hail comrade Vlad
His cyber works for Dad
Vlad’s one bad lad
Can’t count on hanging chads
We count on Vlad
We did the comrade Vlad

Things soon got more weird, when Flynn intro’d his son
Some think I’m pretty strange, but this guy’s over-done
In Dad’s demented state, he thought Junior first rate
But then both Juniors teamed, to present pizza gate

They did the Vlad
The anti Hil’ry Vlad
The child porn Vlad
It made the alt-right mad
Dad’s pussy grab
Played well in Stalingrad
But don’t grab Vlad
The KGB’s top grad

Now everything is cool, with Dad ruling the land
As long as Don and Jared take the 5th on the stand
We should be in the clear if Bob Mueller backs off
But sanctions must be gone or Vlad won’t payoff

We did the Vlad
We did the comrade Vlad
The comrade Vlad
It was a campaign fad
Dad did the Vlad
His dancing’s pretty sad
He did the Vlad
Dad did the comrade Vlad


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