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Why do Americans use the swearword "son-of-a-B" and "a-hole" but never Britons?

Пример весьма популярной в тех  (кворовских) краях дискуссии между американцами и британцами.  Кстати, матерщины, которой густо уснащен текст внизу, я понимаю не более 30%, поэтому размещаю. Меня это смешит, их разборки и их смешной мат.  На котором, кстати, разговаривают на британских каналах после 10 вечера, когда детки в кроватках.

The British have a host of alternative fucking swearwords, which are used all the bloody time.

We call people arseholes regularly, although I’m buggered if I remember the last time someone used son of a bitch. However, contrary to the opinion that some cockwombles have we’re not the sort of wankpuffins to shy away from shite like swearing, in fact, we even confuckingjoin words to make new pissing swear words.

If some cuntpuddle says otherwise it’s because they're a jizztrumpet or prize prick. Some bell ends don’t swear much, but for most swearing well is the dog’s bollocks.

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I had a really bad day the other day, and I composed a haiku to adequately express my feelings.

Now feels like a good time to share it.

Shit, fuck, crappity,
Cuntflaps, jizzcock, cumbubble.
Shitpouch cockwomble

И кто может теперь сказать, что они не интеллектуалы?

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