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Потерялся мальчик, никто не узнает его?

Русский солдатик заблудился и нечаянно попал в Литву.   Хороший на вид такой мальчик. Может, кто-то знает его?  Говорит, перебрел речку Шяшупе, она там шириной 15 метров.  Куда смотрит НАТО?  Разбираются пока с ним, потом отпустят, наверно
Оригинал взят у vyrud в Habit
It seems that Russian servicemen got new habit - to cross illegaly borders of neighboring countries since they lost the road :) We know many such cases in Ukraine when whole platoons "lost their roads". Finally we have such case in Lithuania too :) Few days ago Lithuanian border police arrested the guy inside the Lithuanian teritory who immediately told that he is citizen of Russia and is servicemen of Russian border guards. He was in uniform but had no documents.
If in the Ukrainian case there is absolutely clear how and why those "lost the road" cases happened this case could be more complicated. Probably boy really lost the road. Only interesting fact is that he crossed the Šešupė river (about 15 meters of width in that place) in that place and he not observed it :))

Now boy is in custody: authorities are trying to find his real identity and to find if he is actual servicemen.

He doesn't look very dangerously :) Ordinary boy who probably made a lots of problems in his life:

If to think for a while: if he really missed the way what the best thing to do is to him now ?
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