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Its good to be schoolchidren in this country :))

Этого блогера я репощу (хрен знает, как сказать правильно), когда хочу похвастаться и разделить радость об успехах Литвы. Он, этот блогер, живет в том же городе, где жил и похоронен мой брат - в Каунасе.  Любит и гордится Каунасом, что тоже мне очень нравится.
А этот пост о том, как литовские авторы получили главный приз Лондонской книжной ярмарки за учебник для 9-10 классов "Экономика за 31 час".

Оригинал взят у vyrud в Its good to be schoolchidren in this country :))
Last week London hosted London's book fair: one of the largest book fairs in the world. As many similar events this event has own awards too. This year Lithuania was surprised: textbook "Economy in 31 hours" (used as the textbook in 9 and 10 year classes) and written by Žilvinas Šilėnas and Marija Vyšniauskaitė has been given the award "The best educational resource in the world" (!!!!!). Interesting that this award is given by the organizers of London's book fair together with the Chinese media and publishing board.

They won a tough competition with other textbooks from Canada, France, Poland, Belgium, Japan ... I am becoming jealous to our schoolchidren :) They are learning from best textbook in the world :) I found that this is not the first award for this textbook: last year the authors received prestigious Templeton award in the USA (and financial premium of 100 thousand USD as an additional bonus ...). For the politicians in this country it is very important since next year the country will be special guest at London's book fair.

Inside you will find the photo of authors. What a modern and advanced  authors these days are writting textbooks (especially female author) :))))

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