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Самый большой монумент в Европе

Этот монумент  назван "самым большим в Европе", но на самом деле он очень маленький. Самый большой - потому что является частью монумента, расположенного в 18 странах Европы, и их количество, скорее всего, будет в будущем увеличиваться. Каждая маленькая плиточка, замурованная с специальных местах, посвящена одному из убитых во время Холокоста евреев. Идея монумента принадлежит немецкому художнику Гюнтеру Демнингу. Он называется "Камни памяти".
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Originally posted by vyrud at The biggest monument in Europe
Several weeks ago here came new monument. Sometimes this monument is caled the biggest monument in Europe. Biggest because parts of the monument are situated in 18 countries of Europe (and this number probably  will grow in the future).

Being called the biggest monument in fact it is very small:

This is the initiative of German artist Guenther Demnig. The monument is called "The Stones of memory" and they are aimed to commemorate people who perished during Holocaust.

These stones are built near the places where people killed during WWII lived, worked or were somehow related. The first stones in Lithuania were built in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys. In Kaunas 5 "stones' were built up to date. E.g. this stone was built near the former bicycle track were first Lithuanian olympic games participant - Isakas Anolikas (1924 in Paris) - was training:

For me was complete surprise that this small square (I was born in 5 minutes distance from here) once was bicycle track ... So the monument has also strong educational sense.

These stones are so small that I spent several minutes looking for them. Anyway the initiative is very interesting. I hope that there will be more such stones in the future. The first stones abut month ago were built personally by Guenther Demnig (photos from

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