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Первый "ленинопад" на территории СССР

Очередной шедевральный пост моего литовского френда.  Множество фотографий я сама не видела, а некоторые сведения очень интересны.  Например, куда делся памятник 4 знаменитым литовским  революционерам (выдуманным на 90%), который народ всегда звал "Три пьяных мужика четвертого ведут".  Нет и тут вроде и фотографии сноса первого, самого главного Ленина - в центре Вильнюса.
Оригинал взят у vyrud в Losses again :)
This is ironic report. There are also some of our losses in 30-40 years :)

Photo above from 1972. As I know now he (I mean the monument) lives in Ulyanovsk city.

Here is my collection what we lost in the last 30-40 years too :))) This collection I found at various places: Kaunas county public library online resources, Pleskaciauskas archive at, etc.

Photo from 1980:

This photo from 1975:

Probably some "very important event" :))

This monument lived in Kaunas 7412 days. On 1990-09-06 this monument finished its life here (from

On that day:

This Lenin monument was built in 1970 but even before we had another Lenin . But it has significant drawback - serial production :)))

Another loss - bust of Dzerzhinsky (again serial production) :))

Several more "losses":

Very big "loss": red stars on ST. Trinity church belfry:

And how to live without such wonderfull sign on Ressurection church:

Another "loss": once was official version that this tank IS-2 first entered Kaunas in 1944-08-03. Historical fact: tank was produced in 1945 (how it managed to be here in 1944 still unclear :))))

What a slogans we lost :) As I understand slogan has Russian grammatical errors :))

Another signs:

And what an amazing demonstrations we lost too :)))

Another type of "loss": photo made in Kaunas 1993-08-31 by Požerskis. They are the last group. Dates 1939-10-31 - 1993-08-31:

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