March 28th, 2018


20 хитростей на YouTube, о которых мало кто знает

20 хитростей на YouTube, о которых мало кто знает

YouTube — очень крутой сервис, который позволяет нам просматривать миллионы роликов и фильмов. И, чтобы сделать работу с ним комфортнее и легче, мы собрали список полезнейших настроек, которые помогут вам использовать его по полной.

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O-ba-na: only China in front of us

I wrote here several times that this country is seeing influx of industrial investments in recent years. It was not very easy to understand the true causes of the "why now and why here"  such influx happened but it seems that some real basis for such phenomena exists.

Cushman and Wakefield is world famous American consultancy and real estate company (Wikipedia says: "Cushman & Wakefield is an American commercial real estate services company. The company’s global headquarters is located in Chicago, with regional headquarters in New York City (Americas), London (EMEA), Sydney (APAC), and Bengaluru (Asia). Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest commercial real estate services firms with revenues of $6 billion.The firm operates in more than 70 countries and 45,000 employees.").

Since 2014 company is publishing their annual "Manufacturing Risk Index": index of countries which are best places for industrial investments. Earlier they ranked only 30 biggest industrial countries in the world while since 2018 they extended their list including more countries. 10 days ago they published their ranking of the best countries for industrial investments in 2018 - Manufacturing Risk Index 2018.
What we see in their introduction ?  "China has reclaimed top spot in real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield’s global ranking of the most attractive markets for manufacturing, confirming its status as the sector’s powerhouse. Last year’s number one ranked country, Malaysia, falls to third place behind Lithuania.  .... Lithuania is ranked as the world’s second-most attractive destination for manufacturers"

They are saying that are using next weights table to evaluate countries attractivness:

Anyway this is huge plus for this country in the eyes of the world's economic decision makers :)